20 Minute Workout:Traps And Forearms

In this 2o minutes Workout routine, we will show you best exercises, supersets and reps range for building massive traps and forearms.This will be your most effective workout routine for traps and forearms you have ever used.Perform this workout routine once a week because you will not need more weekly trap and […]


Does everyone want massive arms? Exercises like bench press to isolation exercises like cable pushdowns, and with the right diet, you can build massive, powerful triceps. This four best triceps exercises will help you develop a pair of seriously impressive triceps Close Grip Bench Press This exercise should be first […]

Simeon Panda Workout

Simeon Panda is a natural bodybuilder and a fitness artist from London. He is as one of the best professional bodybuilders in history known for his powerful torso, 31-inch waist, and six packs abs. He has a waist line of 31′ (70cm) and a chest width of 50′ (79cm). Simeon’s […]