The man with the most developed legs ever seen, words that directly point to the unique bodybuilding legend, Tom Platz.It is interesting that during the last two decades on the world stage bodybuilders are bigger than they have ever been, but nobody can compare with Tom Platz monster legs.

Tom Platz 4 most important exercises 

Deep squat and squat half

While fitness trainers today its customers always advised doing a deep squat, holding a half-made wrong, the best of the best when it comes to quadriceps, respected and one or the other version of the exercise. Only it was important to perform both.

Platz was aware that the development of leg muscles must work out with great weight, but that it must be carried out and a lot of a long series of repetitions. So, not only was based on weight, even just a large number of repetitions, but also the one and the other!

Hack squat-Front squad


For more muscular quadriceps, Tom Platz, with the standard version of squats performed and front squat. As he says, they are really hard to him, primarily because he concentrated more on control reps than to put full concentration on footwork.

The team was led into his routine adopted, for it “magical and fantastic exercise” such as hack squats, performing them at reconciliation with his feet together and your feet are positioned in the “V”. It was his secret but points out that not everyone has to respond the same as him.

Leg extensions

The exercise is known as “shot”, one of the basic exercises for legs whose value is always recognized and I Platz, which helped him over the years built so brutal big leg muscles after which he remained known across the globe.

Lying Leg curl

Hamstring muscles are important parts of the body, also has required great dedication, and Tom Platz has contributed the most to their development “killing is” the foot crease. Celebrity exercise that is performed in a supine position on the machine, for this greatly accounted exercise that does not entail great difficulty, but some medium-heavy, or in longer series.
Any further discussion on attitudes related to the leg muscles of a man who had the most developed legs ever can be considered superfluous, and his advice this segment – unbeatable


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