In addition to the chest, biceps is one of favorite muscle groups. In general, almost all want big arms, big biceps, and triceps. In this article, we talk about the exercises and tips to make your biceps bigger.

ANATOMY biceps

In human anatomy, the biceps brachii or simply biceps muscle located in the upper arm, above the elbow. He has several important roles, but the most important are that it allows the rotation of the forearm (supination).

The term biceps brachii is Latin and means “two-headed muscle” (short and long head), with regard to the fact that the muscle consists of two beams muscle. We will not worry too much about anatomy biceps, what you need to know is that they have two heads and that there are exercises and width grips that more and more affected by a certain head.

Exercise 1: Standing barbell curl (4 sets x 10 reps)

Exercise 2: Biceps curl seated on Scott bench with EZ bar ( 4 sets x 10 reps )

Exercise 3: Incline Dumbell Curls (3 sets x 10 reps )


1. The importance of the width of grip
The width of the grip on standing barbell curl can be very important for muscle growth. With using the standard grip-width shoulders you train internal(short) head of the biceps. The more wide grip use the more we practice internal head of biceps. So change the grip to training both heads of the biceps.

2.Biceps curl seated on Scott bench with EZ bar

Performing sitting biceps curls with a barbell in which no half movement, you can focus and put a greater load on the biceps, given that you are stronger in the upper part of the movement. On average you can put 20-30% more weight than with standing biceps curls with the barbell.

3. Stretch your biceps

Incline dumbbell curl is one way to stretch the long head of the biceps. When you sit and lean to tilt your hands behind your torso, which will extend the long head allowing the crease with more power. This is important because the long head gives a better look hands if viewed from the side.

4.Perform Hammer curl

For a long time the bodybuilders they see this exercise as an exercise that can be performed on-site training for the forearm and brachial. However, according to research, Hammer curl highlights long biceps head to a great extent.




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