Does everyone want massive arms? Exercises like bench press to isolation exercises like cable pushdowns, and with the right diet, you can build massive, powerful triceps.

This four best triceps exercises will help you develop a pair of seriously impressive triceps

Close Grip Bench Press

This exercise should be first of your triceps workout.A couple of sets of close-grip bench press to warm up your triceps.
The closer your bars grip are, the more weight is transferred from your chest to your triceps.

Keep your elbows close to your upper body and try to push as heavy as you can handle and be focused. Close Grip Bench press exercise hit all three of your triceps heads, making it an excellent warm-up before you start performing isolation exercises.

Triceps Cable Pushdown

This exercise isolate your triceps, with no strain placed on your chest, making them a good choice after Close Grip bench press.

Use a straight bar extension or – for a more challenging workout – attach the rope extension. Be focused, keep your elbows close to your body while you’re pushing the bar down and let it up in slow controlled reps.

Try with low reps and high weights for hypertrophy, this Is the exercise where you can lower the weight slightly. Perform sets of ten to twelve reps while focusing on form for a nice pump in your triceps.

lying Ez bar Triceps Extension

Hold EZ bar at the inner hand placements with palms facing away from you. Extend your arms straight up towards the ceiling and keep your elbows soft.
Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and bring the bar down towards your forehead. Try your elbows to stay in a fixed position directly above your shoulders and press the bar back up into your starting position.
Be focused and do not allow your elbows to rotate out to the side. Keep your elbows close as much as you can to the body.


Push ups are one old school exercise for building big triceps. Bring your hands closer together so that your index fingers touch for a special triceps push-up.

Push-ups force your triceps to press your entire bodyweight up from the ground. They are not the hardest triceps exercise but an excellent choice for pumping blood into your triceps after a heavy bench press.

Try to start with sets of eight push-ups, then increase sets and reps as your triceps become stronger. Push-ups exercise for the end of your workout, as you will get better results from focusing on pressing exercises at the start of your workout routine.

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