The Ultimate Women’s Workout For Growing Glutes

If you’re a female and you want to get a bigger and rounder butt, you are in the right place. Indeed, having a toned butt that pushes jeans to the absolute limit is one of the most desired women’s fitness goals. For the women who are scared to go in the weight room; you will have to overcome your fear because you will have to lift weights get this round butt. But first, remember that if you want to achieve your fitness goals, you will need to have the right nutrition plan.
With this butt building workout, you will obtain effective results in a short period of time.

Woman with a round butt

Women (and men) love big butts, it’s like having a big chest for males. You will often hear that the squat is the “only” exercise that will make your butt bigger. In fact, it exists other movements you will discover in this butt workout, which is as efficient as squats. If you’re willing to do the work, you will get a toned butt faster than you think.
Gymaholic prepared you a butt workout for women so that you can get the glutes you’ve always dreamed of!

A Round Butt Doesn’t Come From Light Weight And Many Reps

A round butt comes from having muscle mass and low body fat in your glutes. But when it comes to women, a lot of people will tell you that they need to perform an exercise with light weights and many reps. If you train like this, you won’t build any muscle; you will mainly work your muscle endurance.

Build A Butt With Moderate Weight

The butt building process requires lifting moderate and heavy weights in order to obtain fast results. The goal here is to stimulate muscle growth in your glutes so you can get a round butt. This is why we added some basics and very efficient exercises like squats, lunges, deadlift in this butt workout.

Build A Butt With Moderate Rep Range

During this workout, you will have to focus on a medium rep range (12-20 reps) in order to activate muscle growth. This rep range will vary, depending on the difficulty and the intensity of the exercise.

Build A Butt Without Growing Your Legs

Some women want to have a Brazilian ass with well-shaped legs, others want to have a more pronounced butt compared to their quadriceps and their hamstrings. It all depends on your fitness goals. Building a round butt without developing your legs is not an easy task (but not impossible) since every butt exercises stimulate the leg muscles.

Woman on a beach with round butt

During this workout, we will mainly focus on your butt muscles but it will slightly work on your leg muscles too.

How To Warm up Your Butt

The best way to warm up your butt is to start a butt exercise with light weights or no weights. It will allow you to increase the blood flow to your muscles and it also prevents injuries.

*Note: During this workout, you should not focus on rushing the movements. You will have to control the weight from the beginning to the end of the movement; with good form.*

Keep up the hard work. We’re all gonna make it!

  • Wide Stance Barbell Squat6 sets

    • 2 x Warmups20-25 reps
    • 4 x Moderate Weight12-15 reps
  • Barbell Reverse Lunges3 sets

    • 2 x Moderate Weight8-12 reps each
    • 1 x Lighter Weight15-20 reps each
  • Romanian Deadlift3 sets

    • 2 x Moderate Weight12-15 reps
    • 1 x Lighter Weight15-20 reps
  • Barbell Glute Bridges4 sets

    • 2 x Moderate Weight8-12 reps
    • 2 x Lighter Weight12-15 reps
  • Donkey Kicks4 set

    • 4 x Body Weight8-12 reps each

Get that strong butt!


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