After all speculations the hype and excitement the Mr.Olympia 2017 is over but It was a great weekend with plenty of exciting victories and upsets. And the biggest moment of the night was the Men’s Open category and here are the results of Olympia 2017:

Mr.Olympia 2017 Men’s Bodybuilding – Winner 7x Mr.Olympia Champion PHIL HEATH

1. Phil Heath
2. Big Ramy
3. William Bonac
4. Dexter Jackson
5. Shawn Rhoden
6. Roelly Winklaar
7. Nathan De Asha
8. Brandon Curry
9. Josh Lenartowicz
10. Cedric McMillan

And a champion for the Mr.Olympia 2017 Men’s 212 – FLEX LEWIS

1. Flex Lewis
2. Ahmad Ashkanani
3. Jose Raymond
4. David Henry
5. Derek Lunsfordd


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