Read this article on the 5 reasons you aren’t gaining muscle mass and you may find yourself falling into one of these categories.

1. Do You Train Hard Enough?

Are you training hard enough? Our bodies adapt quickly when put under stress and if you aren’t increasing the weight you’re using progressively, then you might see your gains plateau, keep pushing yourself!

Your body is unwilling to change and you have to put it under a lot of stress to induce muscle growth so if you’ve been using the same weight for a while it’s time to crank up the intensity.

2. Are You Eating Enough?

When embarking on a fitness journey it’s easy to get caught up on the training side of things and forget about the nutritional side, you know ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ well it’s absolutely true, nutrition is 80% of the game.
For gaining muscle mass you need to be eating enough of the right food, this means protein, carbs, and fat. Your body utilizes and relies on nutrients from the food you eat to build and repair its muscles.

rich protein foods :
-Turkey, Chicken, Fish, Lean ground beef, eggs and etc
Other Foods include:
-Cottage Cheese, Greek yogurt, Quark, Nuts, Beans, and legumes.

A diet high in protein is essential to gaining lean muscle mass. It is recommended you consume 1.2- 2.0g of protein per kg of body weight per day.

3. Rest and Recovery

Rest is an important factor because Your muscles need time to repair and this is why many body builders adopt split routines, for example, they do leg one day and arms the next, making sure each body part gets one day of rest in between.

Sleep is highly important too the recommended time is 8 hours of sleep a night.

4. Alcohol and Hydration

Consuming too much alcohol can inhibit muscle growth. Alcohol has have a lot of calories(7 in a gram), therefore it’s easy to consume a lot of calories without even realizing it. If you’re trying to lose fat then this can be a big problem.

It can also cause dehydration and increases fat storage in the body. The key to anything is moderation, it’s okay to go out and have a few drinks, just don’t go overboard, life is about having fun and finding a balance.

5. Are You Training Too Much?

Training frequently and consistently triggers muscle growth and adaptation, as a result, it is therefore important to train often, whereby 4 days of lifting with 1-2 cardio is ideal. If you start a program, finish it, too often people give up or claim it doesn’t work but the key is consistency. Programmes can take a while to kick in so stick at it.

A lot of bodybuilders, including Arnold, talking about the ‘mind body connection’, try to really focus on your muscles as you execute an exercise, it’s all about ‘feeling the moment’ and how your muscles are contracting and expanding.

Instead of just going through the motions of an exercise, try to concentrate on the movement and visualize the muscle growing




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