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Barbell squats are considered by many to be the most effective of all leg exercises. Squats is one of the best exercises to build bigger and stronger legsx

Squats target the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. However, this popular leg exercise is truly a full body workout.

The squat exercise enables you to axially load the entire skeletal structure with maximal weight. As such, you are putting heavy compressional force through the center of your body…

…What this means is that you’re able stimulate a lot of muscle growth and strength development, while also creating exceptionally dense bones.


The leg press is a is great for your upper legs, especially your quadriceps.

The leg press is quite similar to the squats. The main differences are that you’re sitting down with your hips and back stationary, while your feet are moving.

Whereas with squats, your hips and back are in motion and your feet are stationary.

So the drawbacks are that you don’t get the full body workout that you’d get with squats. However, you get a more direct leg workout because you don’t have to focus on balancing and using stabilizers the move the weight.


Front squats

The Front squat is far from an isolation exercise. With this exercise you are working directly for the quads.

If you want to see your legs grow, go heavy on this one. If muscular endurance is the goal, go lighter and up the reps. It’s going to force you to keep the weight balanced which can help you outside of the gym.

You can either cross your arms to hold the weight or hold the bar with your wrists bent back and elbows up. This exercise is old school prove for that are Ronie Coleman, Tom Platz, Jay Cutler and more..


When it comes to the posterior chain, the deadlift is as good as it gets. Hamstrings, glutes, and inner thighs (depending on if you go sumo) are all going to be a part of the party. You also work with your quads to a certain degree. If you have a strong deadlift, then you’re going to be strong in other exercises too.

To build more mass somethimes you need to shock the muscles that mean you can try different exercises with supersets or dropsets..

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